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Risk Management

Create long-term value through integrated risk management solutions that help our clients minimize risks and capitalize opportunities. 

Risk Management is a cornerstone in bringing value to companies by helping them reduce uncertainty and embedding actionable intelligence in decision making. Through vast international experience and key strategic alliances, we offer tailor-made solutions that help our clients effectively manage risks, ensure business continuity and promote transformational change through strong corporate governance.

Risk Management Systems


  • Risk Maturity Assessments

  • Risk Governance Advisory

  • Risk Appetite and strategic alignment

  • Opportunity Creation

  • Capacity Building  


Operational and Strategic Risk Agendas

  • Control and operational supervision processes

  • Executive Risk Workshops

  • Risk Prioritization Models

  • Risk Co-evaluation

  • Early Warning Signaling

  • In-depth Analysis for Top Risks

  • Management Dashboards

Risk Mitigation Management

  • Activation of Rapid Response Teams

  • Crisis Management Protocols

  • Risk Reporting Models

  • Support for specific risk mitigation


Business Continuity Implementation

  • Crisis Management Preparedness

  • Business Management Executive Trainings

  • Business Continuity Process Certification

  • Assessments on "Resilience Stress Test"

Due Diligence Risk Advisory 

  • Forensics and investigation

  • Business Intelligence

  • Third-party Risk Factors associated to M&A

  • Remediation strategies in Capital Allocation processes


Corporate Governance


  • Implementation of board structures

  • Integration and deployment of Board related initiatives

  • Family protocols 

  • Bottom-up approach to prepare organization to work as an institutional entity 

  • Risk Oversight Advisory

  • Risk Management requirements for Financial Reporting

  • Risk integration in IPOs 

We create synergies

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