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Public Affairs 

We support our clients in developing strategic advocacy strategies, key issue management and communicating their value and impact initiatives.

Given our multidisciplinary and cross-sector experience, we provide in-depth analysis and insights around social, economic and political issues, crafting strategies that help our clients build a positive reputation with government audiences and key stakeholders.

Political Risk Analysis

Our business background gives an edge in connecting politics with business outcomes; we do not stop at politics; we help our clients increase their understanding of the current socio political and socio-economic situation and how that impacts its strategic challenges.


Regulatory Analysis & Monitoring

We work closely with our clients in managing their strategic risk and opportunities that arise from new regulatory developments by providing them with intelligence, technical policy support, and strategic advisory to help them mitigate or capitalize on the process.

Stakeholder Management

We believe that a solid and purpose-driven communications and advocacy strategy enables strategic positioning among stakeholders being government entities, communities or any other that have an impact on your organization.

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Policy Positioning

Create tailored made strategies to position the organization into a strategic stakeholder’s agenda, government, ONGs, communities or investors.


Audience Specific Strategies

Audience-centric focus provides the tools to understand stakeholder behavior and trends. Insights-based marketing campaigns create authentic engagement.

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Crisis Management

We help clients prepare for and navigate through emerging issues and potential crisis that can impact their reputation brand value and any other that might disrupt its day-to-day operations.

Reputation Management

Capitalizing on brand value and strategic positioning objectives we help our clients build and enhance their reputation organically linked to their business strategy and purpose.

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